Nisr Plastic was established 1981 and Falcon Plast was established 1993 as an extension for our production line. Falcon Plast is one of the biggest five factories in Egypt who produces and supplies plastic containers to the petroleum sector.

We produce blow molding and injection molding HDPE ,LDPE ,PP ,PC until 27.5 litters. We produce high quality plastic hangers and we are one of very few plastic factories in Egypt who produces the telescopic plastic cap. We are also professional in heat transfer and silk screen printing.

Nisr Plastic & Falcon Plast are well known for our big experience and our high flexible friendly way to deal with our customers with high quality and low prices which gave us a big trust in the market.

Falcon Plast is the only 1lit.,4lit,5lit containers supplier for Shell Marketing Egypt.
Falcon Plast & Nisr Plastic feel responsible about the community by teaching new workers how to deal with practical life by the experience they gain from our experienced stuff (Giving somebody experience is more useful for him than giving him money).